Dart Design

Nordens Chartered Accountants


Nordens wanted a brand identity that reflected their energy, expertise and creativity in an industry not normally associated with that mix of attributes. But then, Nordens isn’t your normal accountancy firm.

We created a timeless yet contemporary look with thought provoking black and white photography. Nordens is welcoming and warm too, and the new brand had to chime with those emotions, so an element of humour and wit was important.

We exploited every letter of the Nordens name to promote their differences: we wrote a strapline ‘Not the ordinary’ that didn’t just exemplify their modus operandi but had such a close visual relationship with the company name, they worked as one; then we introduced a strong red line as a punctuation mark to add emphasis, make a point, look intriguing. Social media is important to Nordens, so the branding had to work seamlessly across all media.

From the start it was clear that Nordens wanted an ID that would set them apart from others in the accountancy world. And now they do.

What our client said...

“We understand how important it is to have a brand image that reflects our values and our vision, but we’d been so busy growing the business into a successful, award-winning accountancy, our performance far outshone the identity created years before. We needed a new look that encapsulated our current and future role as a dynamic, international business.

“Dart ‘got us’ and understood how to create an entirely new look and feel that was as distinctive as it was relevant to our marketplace. We found it hard to decide between the concepts, but we’re delighted with our new ID, it’s ‘us’.”

Mitch Hahn, Partner
Nordens Chartered Accountants