Dart Design

Louise Dyer

Louise Dyer

Creative Director

Louise launched Dart Design in 2005 after moving back to Essex where she was born and bred. She cut her teeth at Conran Design in London, then gained vast experience working as a freelancer and rose to Managing Designer, supporting a team of creatives at a major London design agency. She has also worked abroad in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia.

Her main aim, when setting up Dart, was to work with like-minded organisations that inspire and excite her – companies that are passionate about what they do, recognise creativity and want the best.

With close to three decades of experience, Louise has the natural ability to ‘get’ what clients want or, more importantly, need. During the concept process, she never settles for “that’ll do” and will always push creativity to its limits. Her attention to detail in unrivalled and is one of the reasons why clients get the best out of Dart time and time again.

Louise has a passion for travel, which will resume once her three boys have flown the nest – she may be waiting a while!

Sharon Morrison

Sharon Morrison

Brand Consultant

Sharon’s a brand communications hybrid. She learned her craft at Ogilvy & Mather where creative brilliance and brave strategies were the norm. After travelling the world on global accounts, she joined consultancy Consolidated PR to broaden her experience in reputation management and corporate communications.

Sharon became a consultant at Dart Design as its founder shared her desire to develop brands with individuality. She believes many brands look similar as there’s a fear associated with standing out. But standing out, for all the right reasons, is Dart’s raison d’être. She is excited by developing memorable personalities, as they endure.

As a writer she develops the copy style appropriate to the brand’s direction and can write the resulting marketing material with total insider knowledge.

An avid cinema-goer who loves skiing, Sharon just wishes she was as good at the latter as she is at the former.

Pete Winter

Pete Winter

Technical Director

Pete is responsible for the build and implementation of Dart’s websites. A highly experienced full-stack developer with a background in graphic design, he has the perfect skill set to orchestrate the mix of back and front-end development.

He takes great pride in translating design into workable online solutions which are pixel perfect for all devices and screen sizes. Pete develops elegant, well-structured code, using the most appropriate technology which is then thoroughly tested on all major platforms and web browsers.

From a simple website to a bespoke web application or e-commerce platform, he will develop solutions tailored to a company’s needs. He has particular expertise in finance calculators, quotation and ordering systems to give added sales value or to streamline work flow.

Ideally Pete would love to be a surf dude and spend six months of each year in Australia, but this dream is currently on hold due to two young children. Oh, and the fact that he can’t surf after two years’ trying!