Dart Design

Feeling bookish

April 2018

Hot off the press… our new book cover design for the very talented author J. J. Morrison. This is the first book in her Arthurian fantasy trilogy about the descendants of Merlin. We didn’t want to give too much away on the cover – the abstract, distressed background reflects an enchanted forest which lies between two kingdoms at war, and creates a cold, mystical feel in keeping with the theme of the book.

Singing out in Singapore

February 2017

A dear friend of ours, Louise Hill, is making a splash in Singapore with her stunning prints. Louise’s designs are inspired by the wonderful energy and colours that surround her everyday life, living and travelling in Asia. As an experienced graphic designer and former high-end packaging designer, she creates her detailed multi-layered artworks using a combination of textiles, ceramics and old market finds that she has collected over many years. The final digital artwork is then printed onto high quality cotton canvas or beautiful German etching paper using superior Giclee inks. Prints can be ordered at www.louise-hill-design.com and delivered to your door!

Hamilton School grows up

October 2016

The beautiful wisteria-covered facade of Hamilton Primary School in Essex was our inspiration for their new logo. Asked to update the existing identity, we wanted to create something unique to the school, whilst bringing them a fresh, new look. The wisteria is a much-loved part of the historic school building and has subtle conotations of growth and nurturing – this fitted perfectly with the school values and so the logo ‘grew’ from there!

Intouch from Intergas

July 2016

We are delighted to be working with Intergas Heating – a Dutch company who have now brought their advanced boiler technology know-how over to the UK. As well as producing a series of case studies and industry magazine advertising, we have recently created a brochure for their new Intouch system – an app that gives installers more control and increased sales.

New identity for EPHA

June 2016

Flying the flag for all primary level headteachers in Essex, their brand new identity evokes unity and collaboration. We wanted the logo to be bold and contemporary, to celebrate an association that every member is proud to be part of.

They sailed away…

April 2016

Over the years we have collaborated on numerous occasions with illustrator and printmaker, Ange Hart. She has helped us to bring wit and personality to corporate branding, posters and brochures. Ange’s latest work can be viewed at www.angehart.co.uk

Refreshing the HTA

January 2016

We have worked with the HTA to refresh their brand, giving them a platform to express their position as the heart of a vibrant business community. Although there was an obvious need to modernise, it was crucial not to lose the HTA’s heritage. So rather than a complete overhaul, we were tasked with retaining the essence of the original mark whilst bringing it in line with today’s modern industry standards. A complete set of corporate guidelines was created to help HTA build a strong, lasting and consistent brand.